Galantamine:  Alzheimer's treatment


  Galantamine: a new treatment for Alzheimer's
nicotinic receptors in Alzheimer's 
  Galantamine: effect on nicotinic receptor binding
  Galantamine: an allosterically potentiating ligant
  Galantamine: nicotinic modulation in older rabbits
  Galantamine: effect on memory & nicotinic receptors
  Galantamine: a 6 month Alzheimer's study
nicotinic receptors and Alzheimer's 
  Galantamine: its use in Alzheimer's
  Galantamine: in Alzheimer's patients
  Galantamine: benefits to Alzheimer's patients
  Galantamine: a study in Alzheimer's  
  Galantamine: its effects on Alzheimer's  
  Galantamine: therapeutic effects beyond cognitition
  Galantamine: acetylcholinesterase inhibition

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