stroke  treatments

Vinpocetine stroke research                                        

  vinpocetine  treatment in acute stroke
  vinpocetine  increases cerebral blood flow in stroke patients 
  vinpocetine  redistributes cerebral blood flow in post-stroke patients
  vinpocetine  cerebral effects on stroke patients 
  vinpocetine  improved red blood cell deformability in stroke patients  
Deprenyl  stroke research                                               
  deprenyl   facilitates recovery after stroke 
CDP Choline  stroke research                                       
  CDP choline  in acute ischemic stroke
  CDP choline  randomized trial in acute ischemic stroke
  CDP choline  neural protection in stroke
  CDP choline  in acute ischemic stroke
  CDP choline  efficacy in stroke 
Piracetam  stroke research                                             
  piracetam  improvement in stroke
  piracetam  improves blood flow of post-stroke patients
  piracetam  in secondary stroke prophylaxis
  piracetam  treatment of acute and chronic aphasia
  piracetam  in the treatment of acute stroke
  piracetam  evaluation in acute stroke
  piracetam  in stroke-induced Aphasia
  piracetam  treatment in ischemic stroke
  piracetam  treatment of patients with an ischemic stroke
  piracetam  acute stroke study
  piracetam  effect on post-stroke recovery
  piracetam  adjuvant to language therapy for aphasia
  piracetam  effect on cerebral infarction in stroke patients

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